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Mechanics are a dime a dozen.
But finding an expert mechanic that provides detailed servicing and repairs whilst making sure everything is clearly communicated to you can be hard. 

You may have found yourself walking away from a service shop or mobile mechanic, not knowing exactly what was done to your vehicle. Yet you had to pay a hefty bill that burned a hole in your wallet. 

That’s not how we do things here.

When you book an appointment with us, we’ll make sure your vehicle’s findings are well communicated as well as what exactly we’ll have to do to fix any problems. Your vehicle facing issues is already stressful. So count on us to truthfully do our part to make sure you don’t drive away feeling unaware of what the entire process was.

Our services

Professional servicing and mobile mechanical repairs to ensure you and your loved ones get from A to B safely.

Breakdown Repairs

Vehicle breakdowns come in many forms. Contact our team when you need immediate attention so we can help you get back on the road quickly and fix your breakdown repairs.

Logbook Servicing

Our thorough logbook servicing ensures your vehicle’s warranty is maintained with the same level of attention to detail you would usually receive at the dealer’s.

Mechanical Repairs

No matter how well our cars are maintained they can still encounter problems. We are equipped with top quality tools and training.

Vehicle Diagnostics

As manufacturers continue to update to the latest technology we can help you inspect, diagnose and resolve any hazards that your vehicle experience.

Brake Maintenance

Your vehicle’s brake system is crucial to your safety on the road, so we offer thorough inspections, and maintenance on chances your brakes need it.

Suspension Inspections

Avoid the unnecessary wear and tear from worn out suspension. Let’s maximise your vehicle’s potential with suspension safety inspections to stop any arising problems.


We love what we do

Over 15 Years Experience

A clear knowledge of what your vehicle needs: We take the necessary time to explain carefully what your vehicle’s condition is. We value your peace of mind, as well as the time you’ve spent to keep your vehicle running in great condition.

Best Materials

Our top priority is to help you determine what needs to be fixed or maintained, so you can drive away safely with people you care about the most. Our services also emphasise utmost care so you can drive your vehicle for many years to come.

Commitment to transparency

When you book us for our services, it’s important for us to inform you of the necessary measures we need to take to fix your vehicle. We don’t promise low prices, but we guarantee that we provide top quality for a reasonable price.

Our ethos

More about BKP Mechanics

BKP Mechanics working on vehicle comes to you. Mobile mechanic

We know that there are heaps of mechanics and vehicle servicing providers here in Murwillumbah, but there are a select few who do the job with transparency and accountability.
Here at BKP Mechanics, we are committed to provide what your vehicle needs, but we don’t ever want you to feel like you’ve been left in the dark, not knowing what service actually took place. We’ll ensure every necessary cost is communicated, so we can do the repairs right, and done once.
The last thing we want is for you to drive away with the same problem you came with to us. We also understand that every vehicle owner has very busy schedules to run, so we  can come to you at your most convenient time.

In everything we do, we always strive to uphold values of transparency and diligence. We only want the best for your vehicle’s needs, and we will do so by clearly communicating what needs to be repaired or changed. While we want to provide excellence, we want to make sure that you wouldn’t feel ripped off with a shocking bill that was never explained well to you. 
Every client that we take receives full attention, from start to finish. We don’t believe in overbooking our systems as we want to pay careful attention to each issue every vehicle owner presents us. We want this, so you’re guaranteed to drive away without any worries in mind.

Blye Philip Mobile mechanic servicing Northern New South Wales
Founder and head mechanic of BKP Mechanics Blye Philip

BKP Mechanics was founded by Blye Philip after the realisation that he wanted to achieve more work-life balance. He also wanted to address the need of vehicle owners wanting to book servicing and repairs, but has hectic schedules that make it difficult for them to pay a mechanic’s shop a visit.
With over 15 years of experience as a licensed mechanic, Blye’s methods are nothing but brilliant. This has helped him gain the trust of many clients within the Murwillumbah area. To date, Blye continues to maintain excellence in what he does, with working on getting a certification for Road Worthy Ticket as his top priority.


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