Your vehicle’s brake system is crucial to your safety on the road, so we offer thorough inspections, and maintenance on chances your brakes need it.

Brake Maintenance

A vehicle’s brake is its most important safety system. As its role is to help your vehicle slow down to avoid accidents, it needs to be inspected regularly. If you fail to do so, it might fail you when you need it the most.

We perform thorough inspections in the entire braking system and will advise you if there is anything wrong with your vehicle’s brake. 

Our brake service includes:

  • Brake pad and disc rotor thickness assessment
  • Brake fluid level and condition inspection 
  • Brake fluid flushing, to prevent a decrease in stopping ability, and internal corrosion to your brakes.
  • Brake master cylinder inspection for leaks. 
  • All lines and the anti-lock brake module assessment for leaks or loose, damaged connectors.
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