A well-cared for clutch keeps your wheels from improperly disengaging with the engine when needed. Let our team help you assess if your clutch is in great condition.

Clutch servicing

A properly working clutch ensures you can shift gears smoothly. It also helps the wheels to disengage without killing the engine. A regular check up on your vehicle’s clutch will maintain its ability to properly transmit power from the engine to the wheels. 

Our licensed mechanics can perform safety inspections on your clutch components for any faults and wear. 

We diagnose problems such as: 

  • Leaking slave or master cylinder 
  • Noise or clutch slipping faults 

Once diagnosed, we can provide these solutions:

  • Replacement of clutch incase of failure including pressure plate, clutch plate, release bearing, spigot bearing, slave and master cylinder 
  • Upgrading clutched to heavy duty 4WD
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